Haida House at Tllaal

Looking for a culturally-focused adventure? Check out the Haida House at Tllaal, our lodge located in the village of Tlell on Haida Gwaii’s east coast.


Where adventure meets luxury—Ocean House on Haida Gwaii

Adventure Across the Sprawling Landscape of Canada’s Northern Archipelago

Visit Ocean House, British Columbia’s Exclusive Culture Lodge

Escape to the Historic Shores of Haida Gwaii

Find yourself in the ancient emerald forests of the island and experience the exhilaration of dramatic summits, the utter tranquillity of untouched nature, and the soul of the Haida People. Ocean House is a luxurious eco-adventure and cultural lodge designed to revitalize, enchant, and inspire you, and leave you with a lasting connection to the land and to yourself. Discover Stads K'uns GawGa [Peel Inlet] and seize the opportunity to simultaneously lose yourself within the intoxicating and mystical rainforests, and find yourself amongst the gentle ebb and flow of our hidden lodge. Welcome to the Ocean House.

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“So few accessible adventure travel destinations—think relatively untouched places where ancient cultures and pristine nature still coexist in harmony—remain that feel truly authentic. But Canada’s Haida Gwaii, often described as the Galapagos of the North, ranks among them.”

— Ocean House Offers Floating Luxury on the Edge of the World

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"Ocean House at Stads K’uns GawGa, a fly-in eco-lodge that was built and will be run by the Haida…The islands offer both wild adventure and First Nations culture for travelers who make the effort to get there, all presented and protected by the people who have long called it home.”

— 18 Places to Go in 2018

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"Even better this tribally-owned floating eco-lodge is a great place to learn about Haida culture: meet chiefs and watch iconic animal and bird faces being carved on totem poles.”

— The Planet's Finest Hangouts: Check This Place Off Of Your Bucket List in 2018

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“This remote 12-room floating lodge lies off the west coast of Haida Gwaii - an archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, often referred to as the 'Galapagos of the North.' Cultural ambassadors from the local Haida tribes will host immersive experiences and showcase the rugged natural environment, home to whales, eagles and black bears.”

— The Most Anticipated Hotel Openings for 2018

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“Haida designer Gina Mae Shubert has given this 16,000-square-foot lodge a sleek and serene makeover that includes 12 comfy guest rooms, a spa and theatre, lounge with fireplace, dining room and deck.”

— Haida Culture Thrives at Ocean House Lodge

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"Newly opened in 2018, the Ocean House offers three-, four- and seven-night adventure travel packages highlighting the culture and natural environs of the local Haida people — all with unexpectedly luxurious touches. Activities include guided rainforest hikes amongst old-growth forests and up-close explorations of ancient Haida villages now returning to wilderness.”

— 10 Exotic Dream Trips You Can Take in 2018

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"Located in the Haida Gwaii archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, the spectacular Ocean House floating hotel offers isolation-seekers the ultimate opportunity to experience a remote part of the world in virtual solitude.”

— 10 Exotic Dream Trips You Can Take in 2018

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“…Immerse yourself in the tranquil forests of the island surrounded by the soul of the Haida People at Ocean House, a stunning 12-room eco-friendly lodge aimed to inspire and enchant. The resort is 100% Haida-owned and offers a level of service and luxury uncommon in such a remote location.”

— There's a majestic floating resort in BC that you need to visit ASAP

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"There’s an ‘edge of the world’ feel about Ocean House, a new 12-room fly-in floating eco-lodge anchored off the rugged, spectacular west coast of Haida Gwaii. Opening in time for the summer season, you can settle in and soak up the tranquillity, explore the surrounding ancient forests, visit ruined villages and try stand-up paddle boarding.”

— 25 Wild Adventures for 2018

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“After flying to Sandspit from Vancouver, we took a helicopter – with jaw-dropping views—to the lodge; the words “mythic” and “magical” and “spiritual” kept coming up.”

— Haida Culture Thrives at Ocean House Lodge

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“Haida Gwaii rises from the mist like a half-drowned world…unlike anywhere else on Earth. Cedar and sitka spruce draped in green moss tower hundreds of feet above the shore; seabirds, including bald eagles, soar through the sky; orcas, humpbacks and grey whales migrate through seas swollen with salmon. It’s called the “Galapagos of the North” for a reason — the world feels more alive here, wilder and vast.”

— Bears, whales and a floating lodge on the edge of the world

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“This remote location not only provides complete wilderness immersion (perhaps nowhere else can one spot deer and bears from the window panel of their cedar sauna) but access to several ancient village sites which guests may explore as part of a guided cultural tour.”

— Ocean House, Haida Gwaii

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“With a perfect combination of Haida traditions, delicious food, and beautiful surroundings, Ocean House offers a breathtaking and truly unparalleled wilderness experience. One thing is for sure: a single visit won’t be enough.”

— Ocean House, Haida Gwaii: Indulgence in the Wild.

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“This is a place for visitors to enjoy spectacular scenery, wild adventure, Haida First Nations culture and type of peace that’s only interrupted by whalesong or the rustling of leaves.”

— Explore the "Galapagos of Canada" from a Floating Eco-hotel

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“An on-site sauna and a range of spa treatments – accompanied by ocean views – provide the perfect wind-down.”

— 15 of the World’s Most Remote Hotels

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“I’ve been to the edge of the world, and its beauty is boundless.”

— Natural Paradise on the Edge of the World

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“What makes a visit to this remote place so memorable (besides the jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery), however, is the sharing of Indigenous culture.”

— Connecting with Culture in Haida Gwaii

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“Visitors learn words in the Haida language of X̱aad Kíl and experience traditional stories and songs while surrounded by cedar, spruce, and sea mist.”

— Reclaiming Haida-ness through Food, Song, Stories, and Art in the Remote Wilderness of Haida Gwaii

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“When I set off for a five-day trip to the new Ocean House Lodge in Haida Gwaii, I was expecting a luxurious eco-wilderness experience, but I didn’t imagine I would come home having connected so deeply with the local people.”

— Luxury and Eco-wilderness Adventures Meet in Haida Gwaii

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“It’s magnificent: an elegant two-storey resort floating like a mirage on a secluded cove.”

— Where Spirits Walk

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“Meals at Ocean House are delicious, from local dishes such as razor clam fritters and wonderful seafood, including wild salmon, halibut and sablefish, to duck and steaks.”

— Ocean House at Haida Gwaii

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“Ocean House is remote but there’s noroughing it here. A former fishing lodge, itwas converted into a boutique hotel inVancouver before being towed up to its newhome, which meant a journey of 2000km andseveral months on gnarly seas.”

— Oceans Apart

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Immerse Yourself in the “IslandS of the People”

Imagine waking up in a luxurious room on the edge of the world, as you prepare to embark on a private nature trek guided by your Cultural Interpreter, and upon your return, your spa treatment awaits where you will find a whole new meaning for the word ~ Breathe!

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Round-Trip Air from Vancouver, BC Included

Ocean House is a unique floating lodge, located in a vast, tranquil bay; a glimmering oasis accessible only by air. Haida Gwaii’s west coast is known for its dramatic landscapes and for the incredible waves that crash upon its shores. As an ultra-remote, 12-room fly-in wilderness lodge, nestled in a protected haven, Ocean House provides unparalleled access to this diamond of the north. Experience the luxury of Ocean House.

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