Haida House at Tllaal

Looking for a culturally-focused adventure? Check out the Haida House at Tllaal, our lodge located in the village of Tlell on Haida Gwaii’s east coast.


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Ocean House is now closed for the 2019 operating season - stay tuned for 2020 dates and rates.

At Ocean House, we offer eco-adventure travel packages that embrace the culture of the Haida people and combine adventure with luxury uncommon in such remoteness. Our packages include all meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a series of adventure activities designed to imbue you with Haida culture, history, and relaxation.


Bring your camera, hiking boots, and spirit for adventure as we take you on a tour of Haida Gwaii. Our guided tours will inspire you and take your breath away as you stand among towering, ancient cedars and venture deep into the heart of Haida culture. And it doesn’t stop there. During our exclusive tours, our guides will provide you with glimpses of wildlife and rare marine performances from our waters teeming with life.


Encounter the magic of Ocean House and immerse yourself in the living culture of the Haida: the beauty of old-growth forests, dramatic coastlines, expansive beaches, and witness decaying villages returning to the earth. In addition to rainforest and exploration tours, you’ll go on an adventure to our rugged shorelines, learn about the Haida People, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the wilderness.

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