Haida House at Tllaal

Looking for a culturally-focused adventure? Check out the Haida House at Tllaal, our lodge located in the village of Tlell on Haida Gwaii’s east coast.


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check-in / check-out times

If you are staying at Ocean House, please refer to your supplied flight itinerary for check-in and check-out times.


We recommend that you pack casual clothing suitable for the outdoors (ie. ability to dress in layers), sturdy trail walking shoes, and a waterproof backpack. Please note that a 25lbs (combined) baggage weight restriction applies to all guests joining us at Ocean House due to restricted cargo space. For more packing tips, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Ocean House 2019 flight Schedule

Ocean House is only accessible by air. Round-trip transportation from Vancouver BC is included in all packages. Flights depart from YVR South Terminal. Please note that the departure terminal is not located at YVR main terminal.

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CHECK-IN: 5:45am

BOARDING: 6:30am

DEPARTS: 7:00am


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There are a number of logistical and weather-related factors that can make travelling to Haida Gwaii challenging. We highly recommend that our guests purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect themselves from any unforeseen cancellations. Additionally, we recommend that all travellers have some form of standard travel health insurance.

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We suggest a fleecy vest or coat, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, a small rainproof backpack, a light rain jacket or windbreaker, light hiking-style footwear, warm socks, sunglasses, gloves, hat or toque, bug spray, sunscreen and personal toiletry items. Bring all medications and dietary aids with you. Dress is casual at the lodge and there is no formal attire required for dinner. Just be comfortable.

Don't forget your camera, laptop or tablet adapters and charging cables. Some guests bring additional camera memory chips to back up their photos. Please note that wifi is via satellite (not high-speed).

Please pack lightly, baggage is restricted to a maximum combined weight of 25lbs.

For those guests travelling with us as part of a larger itinerary, we invite you to store your additional bags at our airport office for the duration of your trip to Haida Gwaii. Please request this service with our guest services team at info@oceanhouse.ca at least 48 hours before your departure.

Wifi is available at the resort in the lodge common areas, but due to our very remote location we only are able to get internet service by satellite. It does not provide the same high-speed connection that most people are used to, but it is generally adequate for email and staying in touch on social media.

If you are arranging a flight connection, be sure to book your flight at least 3 hours after your scheduled arrival time. We are not responsible for extra expenses incurred due to weather delays or missed connecting flights.

Please note that Ocean House departures are from the South Terminal - 6.5km away from YVR's Main Terminal. The airport operates a shuttle between the two terminals - click here for more information.

Ask us about our Special Guest Rate program with the local partner hotels near YVR, where you will find easy airport connections by Skytrain, shuttle or taxi. Most local hotels provide shuttle service to both airports.

The Ocean House gift shop features giftware, jewelry, local Haida art, souvenir apparel, waterproof backpacks, hike appropriate clothing and much more. In addition to this, retails toiletries will also be in stock should you forget any essential items at home.

Gratuities are not expected but gratefully accepted. All-inclusive package guests customarily prefer to leave lump sum gratuities upon departure instead of tipping daily at meals and guiding services.

We have outlined our Terms and Conditions, including our cancellation policy, for your review. Read Our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that Ocean House is a floating lodge which may not be conducive to young, unsupervised children. To fully appreciate the nature of our cultural and marine excursions, we recommend an age limit of 9 years or older.

The Ocean House is fly-in access only (included in package). Guests will depart from Vancouver, BC (YVR South Terminal) and arrive in Sandspit by a chartered aircraft. Transfer to Stads K'uns GawGa (Peel Inlet) is by helicopter.

All marine excursions require the ability to climb in and out of a vessel (cruiser or zodiac) on to the shore, as many ancient villages are only accessible by ‘beaching’ the vessel (no dock). The paths at the village sites are generally rugged and cannot accommodate wheeled walkers adequately. We recommend walking sticks or canes for those with concerns about balance on uneven ground. We can experience rapid weather changes when on the open sea (wind) and the Zodiac excursions can be problematic for people with back, hip or heart ailments.

Please note that all Ocean House guest rooms are located on the second level of the lodge and must be accessed via stairs. There is no elevator on the premises.

Please ask your Cultural Interpreter about taking photos of poles or private homes. If wishing to capture the image of a Haida (any age) or a Haida artist working on his or her art, please ask for permission. Most will give consent, especially if asked unless there is a copyright issue to respect. If posting photos publicly or reproducing for blogs, it is requested that, out of respect, you do not digitally alter the colours of old poles.

Haida means People. Gwaii means Islands. Therefore, Haida Gwaii means Islands of the People. Gwaii Haanas means Islands of Beauty. The Haida are a Nation onto themselves. Their language is called Haida but there are 3 dialects (with some similarities but many differences as well). The dialects are Skidegate Haida, Masset Haida and Alaska Haida.

During your visit to Haida Gwaii, you are bound to hear HAAW’A (HOW-AH) (also spelled HOWA, HAA’WA). This means thank you. To respond, you can say Laa’gan or Ang’ga, meaning good or yes (an affirmation of your gratitude).

We recommend dressing in layers to adjust to all the weather patterns we encounter (light to heavy rainfall, sun, fog, wind) which can change from one end of the Island to the other. Days and nights are generally mild to warm from May to September.

Ocean House weather: https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Hunger-Har...

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