Haida House at Tllaal

Looking for a culturally-focused adventure? Check out the Haida House at Tllaal, our lodge located in the village of Tlell on Haida Gwaii’s east coast.


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Guest Artists: Christian and Candace White

June 05, 2019

Kihlguulaans · Christian White
Illkaajaadkanas Yahgulaanas · Candace White

3-NIGHT PACKAGE | JUNE 16 - 19 2019

Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa is pleased to welcome back renowned artists Kihlguulaans Christian and Illkaajaadkanas Yahgulaanas Candace White on June 16 - 19, 2019.

Christian and Candace White

Christian and Candace are Haida cultural leaders in the village of Gaw Tlagee Old Massett. Candace is a talented singer of classical Xaayda Haida music, and Christian is an artist, working in a wide range of media. Together they uphold cultural traditions, music, language and art, perpetuating it forward for the next generation.

Join us at Ocean House for a unique opportunity to connect with two of Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii’s most celebrated and diverse creatives... this will certainly not be one to miss.

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