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April 11, 2019

Meet Hhaawasdii & Kwiaahwah - Your Hosts at Ocean House

We are proud to introduce some of the team who you will be sure to get to know throughout your stay with Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa.

Both hailing from the "Islands of the People" or Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii in the local dialect, Lodge Manager, Hhaawasdii Jessie Wilson and Cultural Programmer, Kwiaahwah Kwi Jones take pride in their culture and look forward to sharing their home with guests from around the world.

Jessie Wilson

Lodge Manager

Hhaawasdii • Jessie Wilson

We are happy to welcome back Hhaawasdii Jessie Wilson to Ocean House as the lodge manager for this season. Hhaawasdii brings a wealth of experience to his position having worked in many capacities at our sister sport fishing property since 2001. His affable nature, attention to detail and knowledge of the local area will undoubtedly provide guests with a wonderful experience at Stads K'uns GawGa Peel Inlet.

“We have a great team returning to Ocean House this year and I am excited to work with our new additions,” Hhaawasdii says. “Our Eco program is evolving into a very special experience for our guests and staff. I am truly grateful for this opportunity after spending so many summers in Englefield Bay area”.

Kwi Jones

Cultural Programmer

Kwiaahwah • Kwi Jones

We are delighted to have Kwiaahwah (Cumulous Cloud) Kwi Jones joining us this season as our Cultural Programmer. Kwiaahwah has immersed herself in Haida culture and art for the past 12 years in numerous capacities, adding depth to the experience at Ocean House. Among her many accomplishments was working as an intern curator at the Haida Gwaii museum, programming and curating exhibits at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art. Kwi also was curator for 2018’s wildly successful Haida Now show at the Museum of Vancouver. We are certain her enthusiasm, expertise and desire to share her culture will endear her to guests and staff alike.

“I hope to bring as much cultural knowledge to the forefront through our amazing team at Ocean House, making it an experience to last a lifetime”.

Discover Haida Gwaii like never before with Ocean House at Stads K'uns GawGa with our knowledgeable team members.

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